Home Care Line

The power of nature
combined with a luxurious
post-chemical reconstruction

Home Care Line

Indicated to
Treated Hair
Step 1 Shampoo

With moringa oil and cocoa butter, its adequate pH gently cleanses the threads and at the same time recovers nutrients lost in daily life or in chemical processes.

Step 2 Conditioner

Your advanced formula with a high concentration of actives associated with silicones and moringa oil, promotes conditioning and recovers the strands, with a moisturizing and protective action, leaving your hair with intense shine and pleasant perfume for a longer period of time.

Step 3 Hair Mask

Light, healing and repaired effect of moringa oil , considered one of the most stable in nature, with very high quality actives, they revitalize and deeply hydrate the hair, restoring balance, softness and the delicacy of the hair.

Step 4 Leave In

With 11 functions that need no comments: 1) curl activation, 2) thermal protection, 3) sun protection, 4) ultra-gloss, 5) anti-frizz effect, 6) continuous hydration, 7) tip sealing, 8) extended smooth effect , 9) color protection, 10) anti-moisture film, 11) nutrition